Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Linz vs. Vilnius


How could anyone expect Capitals of Culture to be immune to the spirit of competition?

In a kind of paraphrase on ‘Dancing Stars of Culture’ Messrs Juhann and Jod issue invitations to experts from Linz and Vilnius to take part in five evenings, each of which is devoted to a different theme. Which city has contributed more to European culture?

The areas of literature, history, cuisine and language will be mined in a playful spirit to yield spectacular information about both cities. It will be up to the audience to decide who wins, who loses.

We went to see the literature battle FRANZOBEL (Aut) VS. LAURYNAS KATKUS (LIT). Check out the video so find out who´s the proud winner - Linz or Vilnius?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Odd Jubilees on Flickr

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Odd Jubilees

It is the obscure jubilees rather than the obvious ones that make the most effective vehicles for bizarre stories, and traditional celebrations stand to gain a great deal from performances, installations and sculptures.
Let’s go ski-jumping on Pöstlingberg! Let’s commemorate the coldest day of the last century!

Pixel Hotel on Flickr

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Pixelhotel invites its guests to spend their stay in Linz residing in not-your-everyday accommodations — in a Pixelhotel providing a very unconventional sort of lodging. The individual rooms and suites are dispersed throughout the entire city. Here, a room’s situated in an old storefront; there, it’s in a former workshop set on a backstreet courtyard or on a ship. All over town, there are interesting but unused premises that are being converted into hotel rooms in conjunction with this urban development and architectural project. They’re in nice residential areas, downtown, industrial zones and working-class neighborhoods—after all, every part of town has its stories to tell and the Pixelhotel lets guests experience them right up close.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Playaz Universe / Good Night Stuff

3 floors with DJs & MCs (Drum'n'Bass, Reaggae & Dancehall, Jungle & Breaktbeat) - a Linz09 project. Get some impressions of a party night in the cultural capital 09.

Linz09 Podcast #01

The Playaz Universe
presented by Seriouz Seriez & Good Night Stuff
Posthof, Linz / 31.01.09.

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We asked several people to give us a word or a short statement about Linz09 spontaniously.

The result is a soundcollage with different impressions and opinions. Check it out for yourself.

Music: MAikal X (NL)