Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HIDE - surveillance free city tours

HIDE - surveillance free city tours

Have you ever tried to walk through your city without beeing captured by a surveillance camera?
On sunday, 10th of May 2009, we accompanied the first "hidden" guided tour through the centre of Linz.

A group of 11 people - equipped with white uniforms and reflective shields (to protect themselves against camera surveillance) was given a crash course in the subject of surveillance and monitoring of public space.

The 2 guides, Ulrike Hager and Christian Korherr - dressed in red uniforms - provided them with information, self-protective skills and confronted them (and everybody who saw them move through the streets) with an ongoing topic that effects every single one of us.

An intervention that combines a double dose of irritation with a dash of humour.

Idea/concept/realisation: Social Impact in cooperation with Choreanders

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